Nepal Forum
Organized by
Nepali National Convention
Baltimore, MD, USA 2019
6th July, 2019

Topic – Nepali Diaspora’s Role in Nepal’s Development

 Venue: Red Lion Hotel, Baltimore North   

Introduction and Background

The Association of Nepalese in the Americas (ANA), Association of Nepalis in the Mid-West America, Baltimore Association of Nepalese in Americas (BANA), and International Literary Society (INLS) are joining hands with other community groups to hold a Nepali National Convention during July 5 and 6, 2019 in Baltimore, MD, USA.

A forum entitled “Nepali Diaspora’s Role in Nepal’s Development” is being organized at the convention to discuss varied potential roles that Nepali diaspora could play to contribute to the development of Nepal.

The size of Nepali Diaspora in the world has been expanding rapidly. The Diaspora permanently living in the developed world of Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania alone is estimated to exceed 750,000 in 20191.

This group includes tens of thousands of highly qualified academics, professional and business leaders. Most members of Diaspora are keen to give back to the native land.

The Diaspora is also interested to see Nepal develop rapidly with a robust economy, while promoting social equity. When the native land prospers, and is regarded highly by the peer nations, the Diaspora also feel proud as their prestige is directly tied to the reputation of their native land.

Contact for Details:

       Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari

 Rajendra Khatiwada

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