Cultural Program Rules and Guidelines

  1. The performance must be in Nepali and Nepali sub-culture.
  2. There is no age limit for the performers.
  3. You must complete the registration and send us a link of your past performances no later than June 22.
  4. Pre-screening will be done based on the performance submitted, prior to finalizing the program. The most important selection criteria arecultural diversity and group performances.
  5. It is recommended that the performers select new popular songs instead of commonly used songs that have been used in the past events. Re-mix songs are allowed.
  6. The categories of performancesare: dance, song, instrumental music, and any other unique talents.
  7. Any other talents could include acting/theatre, imitation/mimicry, martial arts, gymnastics etc., but the performance should be completed within 5 minutes.
  8. If you require background music to be played during your performance, you must provide us your music no later than June 22. Music should be sent by using media link in the registration form.
  9. Provide at least two to three song choices to avoid duplication.
  10. Program acceptance period is June 22-23, during this period, pre-screening process will be completed and the participants will be contacted and notified.
  11. It is recommended that the performers use relevant dress code to reflect Nepali tradition. However, in some instances, dress code can be modified according to the nature of the program, but must be respectful.

The maximum time limit for each entry will be strictly enforced as specified below

  • Group Dance,7 minutes
  • Solo Dance,5 minutes
  • Vocal Music,5 minutes
  • Instrumental Music,5 minutes
  • Other Talents,5 minutes

For any questions or concerns please contact

Mr. Prem Raja Mahat Cultural Committee Coordinator and other team members Mr. Bijaya Shrestha / 443-540-2308 and Mr. Rup Man Gurung

Alternatively, Convention Secretary Mr. Bijay Bhattarai at / 682-433-3947

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