Association of Nepalis in Americas (ANA), Association of Nepalese in Mid-West (ANMA), International Nepalese Literary Society (INLS), Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America (BANA) and other local Nepalese organizations are pleased to announce that the 2nd National convention will be organized during the Independence Day weekend from July 5th to July 7th, 2019 at Red Lion Hotel, Baltimore North, 2004 Greenspring Drive, Timonium, MD 21093, USA.

The Program Committee of the Convention calls for programs that will be presented in the convention. The convention provides an excellent opportunity to the community members to present their ideas and findings on social, cultural, immigration, development, service, entrepreneurship, scientific and other topics to a wide variety of audience.

Therefore, the Program Committee appeals to all interested individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, convention committee members to submit proposals for a program/activity/event/poster/discussion forum by June 15th 2019.

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The Program committee will review all the proposals received and select the appropriate ones based on experience in the past conventions as well as the theme of the convention. If necessary, the Program Committee will consult with the convention core committee for making final decision. Event Coordinators will be notified once the decisions are made.
The Program Committee values your inputs and cooperation to come up with promising programs for the success of the National Convention 2019. We request you to contact us for any additional suggestions or questions you may have.

National Convention Program Committee

Dr. Diwakar Dahal, Program Director